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Volume 2 DVD Review

Cover Artwork

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  Title Information:
  Distributor: ADV Films
  Street Date: 07/09/2002
  Review Date: 07/05/2002
  Price: $29.99
  Length: 120 Minutes
  Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  Region: 1
  Audio Options:
  · English DD 2.0
  · Japanese DD 2.0
  Subtitle Options:
  · English
  · English (Signs Only)
  Disc Extras:
  · Credit-less Closing (Episode 5)
  · Credit-less Closing (Episode 6)
  · Original U.S. Yohko 5 Trailer
  · Original U.S. Yohko 6 Trailers (3)
  Disc Gradings:
  · Audio: B+
  · Video: A-
  · Packaging: A-
  · Menus: A-
  · Extras: B

Disc Review:
Both English and Japanese language tracks are presented in Dolby Digital 2.0, both sounding really good. I didn't notice any problems on my set-up, it's just crisp and clear just as the audio was on volume 1.

All three episodes are on one dual-layered disc, and all of them look good. With the exception of scenes from episode 1 which were on a few of the music videos in episode 4, the video had no rainbows at all, and with only the darker scenes, there is little artifacting.

ADV does great in the packaging department. The cover features the same artwork used for VHS volume 5, with slight changes made, including the new logo. The spine features a shot of Yohko charging with her sword, and the back features numerous shots from the show itself. It also lists disc info and extras. The insert features the same cover artwork, and the back lists DVD extras and ADV Previews presented on the disc - which is actually not on the disc. Next printings, which will not include the extra disc, may have ADV previews added onto the disc (the same previews listed were on volume 1 - so no big deal, and with a disc full of trailers, who cares?). The extra disc features Yohko, of course (ADV's "baby"?).

The menus are quite alike with the menus for volume 1, except the background color is green. The main menu features the same shot of Yohko from the front cover, listing "Episode 5, Episode 6, 4-Ever!, Scene Selections, Languages, and Extras". Music, identical the tracks used in volume 1, are used here too. The scene menu features a shot of Yohko and her "twin", Ayoko, with clips playing for each episode around them. The 4-Ever menu is done differently, as each music video has its own chapter, so the clip windows are smaller and longer. The Language menu is identical to the one in disc 2 of volume 1, except with a shot of Yohko, which was on the cover for the dubbed episode 6 VHS. The extras menu has a shot of Yohko in a kimono (from episode 3) with listings for the extras presented on the disc. The menus were all nice, and easily navigated.

Not many extras are included here, but the ones found are nice to have. First are the credit-less closings for episodes 5 and 6, each having decently fun animation, is great to have without credits overlapping them. The other extra is the original ADV trailers for episode 5 and episode 6 (episode 6 having three different versions). Spiffy.

Review Equipment:
· 17" Philco TV
· APEX AD-1500 DVD Player

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