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Those Who Hunt Devils - Home
Those Who Hunt Devils - Home
Story - Devil Hunter Yohko:

[click to enlarge]     A teenage girl and a teenage boy meet under a cherry blossom tree and begin to kiss. The girl and the boy begin to make love until a tenticle grabs her leg. The girl turns back and screams to see a monster. The boy is grabbed by thorny vines and is pulled into the air. The boy becomes a zombie and the girl screams and closes her eyes.

     The girl awakens and sees an old woman flying towards her trying to attack. The girl jumps out of her bed dodging each of the woman's attacks. The woman stops and a box falls onto the girl's head. The woman tells the girl, Yohko, that she needs to stay in shape. The woman reveals herself to be the Yohko's grandmother, Madoka. Madoka scolds Yohko that a girl needs to get her strength. Yohko tells herself how she goes through this every morning.

[click to enlarge]     Madoka cooks in the kitchen, complaining about how she always has to cook. She turns to see her daughter, Sayoko, on the phone with "another" man. Sayoko says farewell to her new boyfriend and tells him she loves him, blowing a kiss to him. Madoka thinks to herself, angry at Sayoko's behavior. Yohko walks in and greets her mother. Sayoko asks Yohko is she slept well, and Yohko is unable to answer. Sayoko tells Yohko she should sleep more since she'll need it soon.

     Sayoko comments on how good thier breakfast soup smells and takes a sip. She gets angry and shoves the bowl into her mother's face, complaining it's too thick. Madoka responds that it tastes fine to her. Sayoko and Madoka begin fighting with pots, pans, and baseball bats. Out of the blue, Sayoko asks her daughter is she has lost "it" yet. Yohko doesn't understand what her mother means, but Sayoko explains, and Yohko becomes embarrassed thinking they shouldn't talk about things like that at breakfast. The women continue to fight and Madoka tells Sayoko that young girls shouldn't think of such things. Eventually the two knock eachother out, and Yohko finishes her meal. Yohko gives thanks and leaves to school.

[click to enlarge]     Yohko runs in a hurry to stop at a certain place. She notices she is on time, and sees her love interest, Hideki, walking by. A boy watches Yohko from behind, his name is Osamu. Another girl, Chigako, walks up to Osamu and tells him that he won't be able to "get her" from where he's sitting. Chigako decides to give Osamu a sneak preview, and she pulls up Yohko's skirt from behind, revealing her panties. Osamu gets a nosebleed and passes out and Yohko scolds Chigako. The three discover they're late for class when the bell rings.

     A whip lashes infront of the three. A woman holds the whip and scolds them for being late. The woman is the school's scary principal. The principal asks why they were late, and Yohko tells her about how Chigako pulled up her skirt, revealing her panties to Osamu. The principal interupts them asking for a "reasonable" excuse. The three apologize, and they are sent to class. The principal stops Osamu and tells him to meet him after school.

[click to enlarge]     Osamu prepares to knock on the principal's door, but before he is able to, the principal invites him in. He walks in and sees a revealing view of his principal. The boy tries to get out, but the principal stops him and begins feeling his crotch. She compliments his looks and begins removing her clothing. Osamu watches as the principal reveals everything. As the principal begins to remove her underwear, she tells Osamu that it's "his turn".

     Yohko and Chigako are sitting in a table at the pool. Yohko comments the body of their classmate, Reiko. Yohko suggests that they should go on diets, but Chigako, stuffing her face with food, tells her that she eats too much. Yohko steals one of Chigako's drumsticks (??) and runs to the edge of the pull. Chigako chases after her and pushes Yohko into the pool while catching her drumstick in her mouth. Yohko floats down into the pool and notices that it's reall deep. She sees a weird creature at the bottom as screams. Tenticles wrap around Yohko and pull her down. We see a hand to a mirror, projecting a star-image, the hand is the principal's and she watches with an evil look. Madoka sits at her computer, chatting in a chatroom, and notices a strange force. She looks into the mirror in nods. Laughing, she says that the Devil Hunter is ready to blossom. Yohko's eyes glow red and she tears through the tenticles, breaking free. The mirror shatters and cuts the principal's face. Yohko floats to shore and Chigako helps her out. Reiko hands Yohko a towel.

[click to enlarge]     Yohko and Chigako have drinks in a restuarant. Yohko thinks how the monster she saw in the pool was identical to the one in her dream. Yohko sees Chigako off, and begins walking home. She is stopped by a familiar voice and turns to see Osamu, except Osamu looked different and very attractive. Osamu admits his love for Yohko and she falls for him. Later that night, he offers to get a hotel room, but Yohko refuses because she thinks they're way too young. Osamu kisses Yohko, putting her under a trance.

     Yohko sits on a bed, when Osamu arrives in a towel. He removes his only piece of clothing and begins to rape Yohko. Before he could do anything to really take Yohko's virginity, a biker crashes in and stops Osamu, releasing the demon possessing him. The biker reveals herself to be Yohko's grandmother, and Yohko falls out of her trance.

[click to enlarge]     At home, Madoka explains to Yohko how she is part of a long line of Devil Hunters. All of the women in their family have taken the responsibility of killing demons, and that it's now Yohko's turn to continue thier "business". Yohko asks why her mother couldn't do this, and Madoka reveals that you must be a virgin to be a Devil Hunter, and that Sayoko couldn't control her hormones. Madoka then warns Yohko about the approaching of the Demon Queen.

     Yohko waits the next day, in the rain, for Hideki, but he never walked by. Hideki is found walking the halls of the empty school. She stops at the principal's door to be invited in. Yohko walks in and notices how the halls are empty. She opens her locker and sees a note, and she reads it. She is told to meet behind the school that night, or that Chigako will be killed.

[click to enlarge]     Yohko goes out at night, calling for Chigako. She hears a noice, and a body falls from the tree. It's Chigako, and she's all tied up. Yohko unties her, but Chigako begins to attack. Yohko falls to the ground and the principal appears. Yohko is stucked to the floor with webs. The principal introduces the Demon Queen's identity. Hideki's body hovers a small river and a girl appears resting on his chest. The girl is Reiko, and Yohko becomes surprised. Reiko floats along with Hideki, into the school building. Chigako holds an axe and prepares to kill Yohko, but she is stopped, and the demon possessing her is released. A figure jumps from the top of the school building revealing herself to be Yohko's grandmother. Madoka retrieves a sword and begins to fight the principal. Madoka gets injured, but is able to defeat the principal. Yohko is free and tries to help her grandmother. Madoka hands Yohko a special wrist ring, and tells her to become the 108th Generation Devil Hunter. Madoka appears to have died, and Yohko agrees to finish the job.

     Yohko crashes the ressurection of the Demon Queen and transforms herself. Reiko decides to kill Yohko, and the two fight. After a long battle, Yohko jumps into the air with her sword and takes a slice at Reiko. Reiko has the sword in her right shoulder, and asks for Yohko's help. Yohko begins to feel sad for her, but Reiko decieves her and tries to attack again, Yohko uses a force to push her back, into the big hand of a clock. Reiko is impaled and dies. Yohko looks back to Hideki, and he vanishes.

[click to enlarge]     Yohko wates outside at a cherry blossom tree. She cries about her grandmother, but then she hears a compliment. She turns back a sees Madoka, Osamu, and Chigako, all having a big celebration. Yohko is surprised to see her grandmother alive, and Madoka tells her that she needed a way to get Yohko to become a Devil Hunter. Chigako offers Yohko some food as Madoka lets her know that she can do what ever she wants now, and maybe even make some great grand-children for her. Madoka pushes Osamu to Yohko, and he squeezes her. Yohko gets frustrated and punches him to the ground, but her dress tears open revealing her body.

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